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Why Facebook Is Back in Your Ads Plan?

For a while, it felt like the social media revolution in marketing was beginning to dry up. As people started to notice a changing of the level of success they could receive, most people began to worry that this successful, prominent era was over. Thankfully, that looks like it was merely a blip; for those who like to market and advertise through Facebook, you’ll be pleased to know it’s back and better than ever.

Facebook has gone through a rather strange metamorphosis in recent times, becoming more and more different. It’s marketing style has changed, with people now able to not only advertise but directly sell and promote products though the platform.

For that reason, Facebook has grown exponentially in relevance again. If you are trying to build up your business, consider the following on why Facebook should be back in your advertisement plans.

Targeting Down

The main reason that you should be using Facebook again is because the level of specification that you can make in every advertisement is incredible. It allows for you to drill down into everything from gender and age to interests, location, earning potential and so much more. People put so much detail on their Facebook page that it becomes really easy to be super-specific and still get lots of leads.

This allows you to ensure that your advertising is more likely to target people who actually care for what you and your business has to say.

Clear Objectives

Best of all, Facebook makes it very easy for you to put in place a collection of long-term objectives for each marketing campaign. From helping to turn people into buying customers to engaging with people, getting more views on a video or even just boosting your local awareness, you have many options for objectives to set on every marketing campaign.

This allows the campaign to be even more specifically targeted, allowing you to do everything from boost a local businesses online appeal to get some extra sales.


While other marketing methods see their costs soar through the roof, Facebook remains delightfully affordable. With 1000 impressions costing you around £1, it’s very easy to build up a decent amount of recognition without ever having to actually do too much.

Not only is Facebook a great source of cost-effective marketing, but it allows you to be so specific that every penny is likely to be more beneficial to your growth and appeal.

Everyone is Waiting

Lastly, the most important reason for taking to Facebook is that your major audience is likely to be on here. The days of social media only allowing you to advertise to the next generation is gone; now, grandparents and more senior members of society are happy to use social media at the same time.

So, if your business is looking for a genuine opportunity for growth, it will find that opportunity waiting for them on social media most likely.

If your business is serious about success, be sure to invest into the growing advertising reach that Facebook provides.