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Verticals and Traffic Sources Working in 2017

For some time now, it’s felt like the world of internet marketing has been on the precipice of a major, breaking change. This has seen old methodologies that people have relied upon for so long to be worried that their old form of marketing might be dying out. If you fear that your business might not have the longevity left in its current marketing program, then you will benefit from reading this article. We’re going to detail some of the best vertical and traffic sources which are working in 2017, so that you can build around them and augment your business.

Dropshipping Affiliation via Facebook

One of the biggest forms of traffic sources that is working at present is Facebook’ marketing system. It died off a little touch for some people in early 2017, but the year has seen a major resurgence for this social media platform.

Lots of people are now beginning to move into Facebook as it offers a viable, legitimate way to help build up your business and your overall visibility. With people creating affiliate stores and selling dropshipping products on the Facebook store system, too, people are using Facebook as both a traffic source and a sales point.

Dating Systems

One of the most profitable verticals in 2017, and 2016, in fact, is dating sites and adult websites. While not everyone feels comfortable working in such an environment, it’s a very powerful market to be involved in. Despite rather significant alterations to the market itself, and regulation, affiliates should still find it easy to promote dating systems; perhaps even through the resurgent world of Facebook marketing.

Video Games

Another important vertical that is seeing a lot of traction is the world of video games. By using hyped games such as the recent release, Destiny 2, affiliates should be able to tap into social media and their other primary marketing to easily promote content and products based around popular video games.

However, you need to be quite clear about both the kind of people that you target, and the lifespan of the game itself.

Weight Loss/Wellness

In our eternal quest to better our bodies, we don’t see weight loss and wellness slipping down the priority list anytime soon. It’s almost universal; everyone wants to eat better, to look better, to feel better. Nutritional affiliate programs are huge, and show no desire to slow down or lose efficiency. For most starters, beginning with weight loss and wellness makes sense as it’s easy to get involved with.

Social media, though, is by far and away the most powerful traffic source in 2017. While many forms of traditional sources are still in vogue, this year has been all about the rise of using social media to build an organic, clear business message. Picking from the above and utilizing a strong affiliate offering in any of the verticals listed should give you a good chance of joining the 2017 marketing revolution.