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How Social Media Dominates Distribution For Content Marketing?

For many years now, the world of social media has been growing in importance. Once seen as a fad that would die out, it now plays a critical role in everything we do. From how we learn about the world to how we plan out our social events, social media is absolutely essential to modern success. How, though, has it become such a critical part of content marketing?

Once, we posted blog posts and articles on Ezines and our own blogs. Why, then, has it become such a dominant part of distribution when it comes to content marketing?

  • Building Value. In the past, it was easy to tell when a post was nothing more than a puff piece to sell a product. That shines through, and in the world of social media that just won’t get you very far. Building value is very important, and content marketing that is shared on social media is more likely to be about attracting readers and building value, not advertising a product indirectly. For that reason, it’s changed distribution as people now want to share value-driven content, not just an article that is clearly selling something. That won’t get many shares; valuable content does.
  • Personal Takes. People love to read authentic stories from the perspective of other people. This is only going to increase in the years to come, and we expect to see a major influx in the way that people write. Again, social media is more likely to distribute your content if it’s unique and comes from a personal perspective. For that reason, social media distribution has meant people want to create content that is unique to their own perspective and told through their own eyes. If you want content to be distributed on social media, it has to be personal.
  • Targeted Audiences. Another major reason why social media wins so much is because it allows for you to find people who actually like what you want. When promoting a blog post beforehand, you had to use paid advertising that would be more universal and less targeted. This meant that the majority who seen your ads would not be interested; now, social media allows you to target specific interests, personalities and demographics to help make something far more clinical.
  • Domino Effect. Lastly, we believe that social media dominates because of the domino effect. A nice personal story that is targeted to reach a certain audience can catch likes and shares on social media very quickly. Before you know it, a nice reflective piece that you wrote can become one of the most popular reads on certain corners of social media; that was nearly impossible in the past.

So, as you can see, social media has more than a fair place in your content marketing distribution. Write for the people, not products, and the above becomes possible for you.